Not only does Curtiss Aero provide pilot services in Cirrus aircraft, we also offer the program for turbine and jet aircraft. Hiring and keeping pilots for a turbine aircraft is a daunting task. Many of the pilots hired off the street leave the position after a year, causing you to have hire again, and leaving the aircraft grounded without a pilot. With Curtiss Aero, you never have to worry about that, as we have an entire staff of pilots that will be trained and certified on your aircraft. Our pilots are rigorously trained, experienced, professional, and safe. With professional pilots in the cockpit, all you have to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy the flight.

Curtiss Aero can provide pilots to fly any aircraft you own, or want to own. Give us a call to discuss how our pilots can cater to every one of your flying needs.

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For those who have always dreamed of learning to fly, the revolutionary Curtiss Aero's Cirrus Pilot Service Program also gives you the option of getting your pilot's license. With a highly trained Cirrus flight instructor in the right seat, even a routine business trip becomes a step toward being licensed as a Private and/or Instrument pilot. In fact, many current Cirrus pilots have followed a journey that began as a passenger, then later moving over to the left seat in command of their own Cirrus aircraft.

For those who desire the lifestyle benefits of the Cirrus Life, but aren’t interested in tackling the many tasks associated with managing an aircraft, Curtiss Aero makes it simple, and takes the hassle out of enjoying your new Cirrus. It's on demand and at your command. The program puts your very own experienced, certified Cirrus pilot at your disposal for business and personal travel. Your personal pilot, available when you need them, is your corporate pilot and aircraft manager. It’s like having your very own Flight Operations department. From the first day of ownership, you will realize the full, safe utility of your aircraft with a personal pilot at your side. Flight planning, fueling and piloting are all handled for you, letting you work and enjoy your friends or colleagues in style in the most comfortable cabin in its class.

Increased productivity. More face time. More family time. There are many powerful lifestyle and business advantages of personal flying in a Cirrus aircraft. For non-pilots or aspiring pilots, Curtiss Aero's Pilot Services Program offers the best combination of flexibility and quality. Pilot Services are a spectacular service that puts a Cirrus at your command with your very own pilot to fly and manage it. This turn-key service is an affordable option, giving you the freedom of private travel at a reasonable price point. 

Many people purchase an aircraft so that they can learn to fly. However, there are many who understand the value of having an aircraft at their disposal that will be piloted by a professional. It is for these people that Curtiss Aero's Cirrus Pilot Services Program was developed.

With commercial air travel becoming ever more inconvenient, successful people who live a fast-paced life can explore and conduct business in their region conveniently and on their own schedule with a Cirrus. Perhaps it's a quick trip to the Cape for a romantic weekend. Maybe it's a last-minute trip to an important client to deliver a solution face-to-face. Even a weekend visit to your child's college campus. These are just a few of the lifestyle advantages that become possible when you take that first step into the Cirrus Lifestyle.

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