Curtiss Aero Aircraft Management

Benefits of Curtiss Aero management

There is no secret that owning an aircraft takes an extraordinary amount of time and effort. Between coordinating maintenance, preparing the aircraft for flight, storing it after an operation, cleaning it; the list goes on. However, with Curtiss Aero's Aircraft Management Solutions, you can have your aircraft waiting for you - ready to fly - when you arrive at the airport. No fueling, no tugging the aircraft, no cleaning. It's all taken care for you. Even in between flights, maintenance can be hard to manage. Scheduling repairs and inspections can take hours, as does keeping track of when everything must be completed. Again, Curtiss Aero handles all of this for you.

  • Turn Key Service - you show up, get in, and fly; fueling is done by us, as well as ensuring your aircraft is clean and ready to go
  • Storage and Ground Handling - we take the aircraft to/from parking
  • Hangaring Available - protect your aircraft in a heated, insulated hangar
  • Substitute Aircraft - if your aircraft is grounded, we will provide a substitute for your flight
  • Priority Maintenance Service - your aircraft is given priority scheduling, as well as a 10% discount on parts and labor
  • Maintenance Tracking - we track inspections and alert you when they're upcoming; additionally, we track AD and SB compliance
  • Maintenance Scheduling - we take care of scheduling your aircraft's inspections and service
  • Pilot Services - our Pilot Services are made available to you at a 10% discount as an Aircraft Management client (see Pilot Services page)
  • Navigation Updates - all navigation and Jeppesen updates are performed by our staff
  • Aircraft Cleanliness - your aircraft will be washed after every inspection free of charge, as well as a 10% discount on cleanings you request
  • Pilot Currency Tracking - we track your pilot currency requirements and notify you when you're due for training, helping to make sure you're always in compliance with the FAR's
  • Utilization Reports - receive a monthly report detailing the use of your aircraft
  • Tracking and Scheduling - use our online management system to track the usage and scheduling of your aircraft

Give us a call today to discuss aircraft management options and to obtain a quote.

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